Ronix Flyweight Atlantik Wakesurf Board 2022

Designer: Ronix

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The Ronix Flyweight Atlantik wakesurf board is a new traditional surfer with a locked in tail and a light/reactive tip.

The best slashing board ever made: The Atlantik is designed for powerful bottom turns, off-the-lip airs, and buckets of spray. It features high-performance power and response that is always available to the rider. Start thinking about making your turn, and the next thing you know you’ve landed a backside air and are back in the pocket ready to send your next line. Ronix wanted to make a board that felt like a 90’s ocean surfer from days past with modern shaped components contributing to the board's unique performance. This makes for a board that you'll always feel excited to ride!

Ronix Flyweight Atlantik Wakesurf Board Features

  • Thru-Tail Bottom Concave: Creates lift and speed through the tail of the board making it easier to rebalance from spins and maintain pocket speed.
  • Rail Wings: Create break in rail-line allowing for pivoting of the tail.
  • Fang Tail: Originally cut by hand on the shores of Lake Ronix. This reduces drag and increases straight-line speed. It also makes it easier to maneuver the board when on rail.
  • Rapid Taper: The taper from the board’s wide point to the nose is aggressive. This decreases the engaged rail creating instant turns and pivoting in the nose.
  • Dome Top: Increases height of rider’s foot. This allows the board to roll from edge to edge faster. Increases buoyancy due to additional foam.
  • Quad Fin: Coupled with the right board design, quad fins provide power at the bottom turn and quick release at the top of the wake. Propel the board into the turn with no performance hang-ups when you are ready to release into a trick.
  • Ability Level:Advanced-Expert
  • Board Style:Surf
  • Core Material:Foam
  • Fins:4

Length Volume Rocker Center Width Weight Range
4'5" 14.4 L 1.9" 20.5" Up to 185 Lbs.
4'7" 15.1 L 2.1" 20.5" 160+ Lbs.
4'9" 15.9 L 2.3" 20.5" 170+ Lbs.