Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard 2022

Designer: Ronix

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Response, feel, and ultra-soft landings all found in this modern, continuous wakeboard.  Created by smart scientists in lab coats who like fast wakeboards.

For 2022 Ronix took their speediest, most well-rounded board and made it even more versatile.  The new tip/tail shape breaks up the water for softer landings and is even more lenient on unstable drops from the sky.  Now you'are able to correct yourself and ride away with ease from a shape that will reward, not penalize you from being off target.  The RXT has Ronix's fastest rockerline for more momentum out into the flats and smooth, predictable take-offs.  The Blackout Technology generates added response through a turn, gives more feel on the water, as well as on take-offs for a more solid connection between rider and board.  Unmatched modernization for riders looking for every advantage to progress their talents...or intermediate wakeboarders looking for a forgiving shape and construction they can grow into.


Riding Style: Advanced Boat

Rocker: Continuous
Energy: Instant
Fins: Four 1.0" Ramp fins and four 0.8" Free Agent fins

Size (cm) Height (in) Stance (in) Center (in) Surface (sq. in) Weight Range (Lbs.)
136 2.4 22-26 16.8 807 Up to 170
140 2.5 23-27 17 857 155-195
144 2.7 24-28 17.2 867 165-205
148 2.8 24-28 17.2 873 180+