What About Our Prices?

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 What About Our Prices?

In a world filled with big chain retailers and online stores, you might think you can get a better deal online or at a store like Walmart or Academy – while a smaller specialty store like PULL would certainly have higher prices.    Well, in most cases you would be wrong.  

Most quality manufacturers and brands enforce what is called MAP Prices which means Minimum Advertised Price.  In its simplest form, Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) is the lowest price a retailer can advertise the product for sale. Not the lowest price they can sell it in their store, but the lowest they can show online or in an advertisement.   So for example if a 2017 Liquid Force Dart Wake Surfboard is $599 – it will be shown as $599 online as well as instore.   We are all held to the same price!    There are however a limited number of sale periods that we can all discount products.  In our industry, that typically might be Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. 

Can you get it cheaper in store?   Yes you can!  Pull Watersports will typically run in-store only promotions as well as our Customer Loyalty program which often gives immediate discounts on items.  So with Pull you not only get hands on service, but you also can be sure that you are getting the best prices available. 

How come you see stuff cheaper online?   Simple, we are all held to MAP prices on current year or hold over products.  At the end of a model year MAP Prices may be removed and retailers can Clearance their products.   Larger online stores may simply have more left over products that they will sell throughout the year at a lower price.  So if you are seeing it a lower price, it is probably a year or two old …. Or that retailer is breaking MAP rules and may not be the most reputable seller.   PULL tries to buy the best products each year with less hold over inventory.   We will certainly clearance any items that remain in stock but those items usually sell out quickly.   --- Send us your email for Clearance, Sales, and Events Alerts!

Some manufacturers and brands do not have or enforce MAP Pricing – in those rare cases, we try to meet or beat any valid offer.  We work closely with brands that support the water sports industry and know the importance of working closely with the local pro-shop and specialty retailers.   This ensures that they are best represented by passionate sellers and consumers.  Our one to one connection with customers is essential when it comes to product development, warranty issues, promotions, and hands on knowledge that goes back to the brand. 

So, you may think you are saving a few bucks but in reality, you’re not.  Lets review - We are all held to MAP.  Pull often offers special in-store incentives.  We will meet or beat any valid promotion.  On products that do not have MAP – we will do our best to match.   And… We work closely with the best brands in the biz to give you hands on service, product knowledge, and we back up every sale we make!     It is true that sometimes we run low on inventory and your instinct is to “just get it online somewhere”  In those cases we ask that you give us a shot at finding it or ordering it for you.   We opened PULL Watersports because we wanted a place we could go to Touch It, Feel It, Try It On before we buy it. Online might be convenient (hey we have an online store too) but we would rather have it in our hands when we are spending that kind of money :)

Helping us – will help you!

We appreciate your business and loyalty to your Pro-shop!

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