Connelly Quantum Water Skis 2022

Designer: connelly

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The Connelly Quantum Combo Skis are a beginner-friendly set of water skis that come with slide-type adjustable bindings. The wide tails and shallow narrow tunnels of the Quantum make deep water starts easier and provide riders with even turns. With a narrow tunnel, these skis have more flat surface between the edge of the tunnel and the bevel, giving the skis more stability while maintaining edge hold. The Quantum Combo Skis come with stabilizer bar inserts, so riders who need extra help keeping their skis straight can pick up a stabilizer bar and attach it. 

Connelly's slide-type adjustable bindings fit a wide range of foot sizes.


  • Beginner-friendly combo skis
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • Glass filled nylon fin
  • Stabilizer bar inserts
  • Includes slide adjustable bindings