Ronix Combo 5.5 T Grip Wakeboard Rope 2023

Designer: Ronix

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The only Ronix Combo with a 'T' handle for wrapped tricks, this rope and handle package opens up endless possibilities for new tricks. Hold your grabs longer by wrapping it up. This handle features Ronix's hide stitch grip that makes for a great grip and withstands the test of time. The diameter of the bar is 1.15" and includes 3mm of memory foam that helps take it easy on your hands during those longer riding sets.

The R6 mainline is 80 ft. long in total with six sections so that you can adjust the length based on rider's preferences. The line is strung with Holland 12-strand ultra non-stretch Dyneema rope to create a consistent, clean pull behind the boat. Filled inside with EVA, the rope floats on top of the water so that it makes it easier for the rider to find when being picked up.


  • Hide Grip w/ 3D Molded Pattern for Extra Grip
  • Dyneema Barlock (Anti-Roll)
  • 3mm Thick EVA End Caps
  • 1.15" Handle Diameter
  • 6" 'T' Wrap Handle
  • Strung w/ Holland 12-Strand Ultra Non Stretch Dyneema Rope
  • Filled Inside w/ EVA for Flotation
  • R6 80 ft. Mainline w/ Six Section
  • Total Length (ft):80
  • Rope Material:Dyneema